Technology Professional

Public Speaker Tyler SpencerThe fast pace digital world is ever evolving and quickly changing to provide information at the touch of your fingertips, with the intent of making daily tasks, learning and business easier to consume. Being in the field of technology every day and aligning businesses and education institutions with network infrastructure solutions makes you appreciate the simplicity of a pen and paper. My education experience started with my Bachelors of Science in Public Relations/ Communications at Portland State University,  during which time I had the opportunity to work with Opus Creative and Alloy Red to develop a marketing message that would reach top executives in the area and ultimately raise $500,000 in funds received for De-Paul Treatment Centers to build a much needed building. A college marketing campaign that was deemed a major success by Portland State. Soon after that I added a Masters in Project Management from  Colorado Technical University.

Throughout my career I have published an article in an international magazine, and used digital marketing and social media to increase enrollment at a Nizel Clothingprivate high school by 50%. I have watched national campaigns for Nike and Red Cross come to life right before my eyes and have implemented a regional political campaign that brought awareness to local government issues. Along my way I learned graphic design, which has been a valuable tool developing logos and websites for state agencies, events and businesses throughout the Northstate. My experience has helped me become an effective business owner as well as excel in the marketing department of a casino designing internal & external advertisement.

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Public speaking is something that I enjoy. I have been a guest speaker at various service clubs as well as a presenter at the state level for Lions Clubs International.  I have had speaking engagements at local business development center talking with aspiring entrepreneurs and state level conventions to discuss social media and business marketing. My experience has led me to the technology industry working with educational leadership in K-14 school districts throughout Northern California and Southern Oregon to automate their education institution with the correct technology that is needed to increase student success. I believe education is a powerful tool when combined with real world work experience. I understand that success comes from a positive mindset, the willingness to adapt and the ability to work with others.

Like the ocean, there is depth and variety to life. Constantly evolving, never staying the same – there are storms and calm waters…experience what you can and live like there is no tomorrow.

I have lived a full life and continue to learn and grow as an individual. I am fortunate than most, but not as lucky as others – I am involved in depth with Music, Baseball and a variety of other activities, never standing still, constantly moving and always living.