Raining Oil

BP officially screwed up our climate! Think about the Natural Climactic cycle of rain: After it rains the heat evaporates the moisture from the surface of the water, that moisture goes back up into the sky. Clouds form, temperatures change and it rains again…this cycle repeats and is how Mother Nature cleanses herself…this is grade school information!

What we have now is oil on the surface of the water, which evaporates into the sky with the moisture, this greasy moisture is then held within the clouds, temperatures change …then it rains. The oily, greasy, gooey water will fall from the sky and at that point people will know what it feels like to be covered in oil; much like the animals in the gulf.

It will rain oil; oil will fall from the sky, it may happen in 10 years, I ‘m not sure on the timing. However, the clouds will become brown & murky. The snow cap mountains won’t be white anymore, they will have a brown oily finish to them…and when the snow melts and runs off into our lakes, rivers & streams…the water will be murky and toxic…over time killing most of the natural habitat as the oil seeps into the soil.

It may take a few years, it may take a few months, but when it rains in the future, it will rain oil. Mother nature has no way of separating the oil from the water before it rains BP’s oil operation has destroyed our natural habitat!

Online Marketing

Boost your sales with online marketing. We all know that knowledge is power, and that the more power a person has the more influential they become. So why not use that mindset to your advantage? The more a customer knows about your business, the more they will trust your company/ product…this creates a following – the more people who follow your business/ product, the more leverage you have over your competition. The new fad is interaction, consumers don’t want to be told what is right and what they should do, they want to make the decision themselves and take action on their own – they like to do their own research, and interact with the company before they purchase the service/ product.

So utilize the innovative online software to post blogs, send newsletters, and show webcast and podcasts. This can increase your sales and ultimately grow your business. Use social networking sites to drive traffic to your website. Optimize your beta-tags and meta-tags within your website every quarter to better position your business on the web. Create strategies & tools that will engage your customer and use cutting edge technology to interact with the public.

Connecting through technology.

Advanced technology is expanding the speed of marketing by the second. Online social networks make it easier for businesses large and small to reach thousands of people while keeping marketing cost down. The common practice of the consumer felling like they are apart of something bigger is ultimately what drives marketing on the social network platforms. This new practice that is evolving everyday is vital to increasing brand loyalty within the consumers mind. Social Media Marketing through social network platforms has the ability to increases the positive attributes and feelings a company evokes in peoples minds. However, with the globalization of these new marketing tactics, it also makes the market ten times more competitive. If not used correctly, these social network platforms have the ability to hurt a new business as well.
These platforms assist business executives with feedback so they can continuously meet, adapt, change and exceed customer expectations. This new technology that has taken over the Internet in a global trend can help businesses to develop a more aggressive marketing strategy.

Cluetrain Manifesto

In the high-speed world of the infamous Internet where consumers can receive news almost instantaneously after it occurs, research whatever they want, buy anything & see everything in the world. Through this technology emerged what is now called the Cluetrain Manifesto – the rise of Social Networking, Social Media Marketing and Social Network Marketing. This is the future of marketing to consumers who have been raised in a world of technology, constantly changing and spitting out information as quick as the human brain can process it. The Internet, cell phone craze over the past century has revolutionized business and marketing forever.

Social Networking (SN) has become and integral part of marketing a business. A business can utilize SN creating awareness about their company and improve customer loyalty by involving them in your Social Media Marketing. You can use SN for lead generations, direct marketing and e-commerce all are assets to building a strong presence in the market place.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the term most commonly used to describe blogs, online communities and social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, WordPress & MySpace just to name a few. To maximize the power of SMM is to constantly give out real-time information about your business and comment on consumers’ response. You can implement polls; questionnaires and statistics then analyze customer feedback. SMM is a great way to see what people are saying about your business/ product. The more SMM you do, the more powerful your Social Network Marketing will be.

Social Network Marketing (SNM) is what you do to promote your business utilizing the SMM tools. The SNM is another method to advertise your business and gain brand awareness throughout the community with your logo. The Social Network Strategy is to utilize the SMM tools to increase web presence through SNM creating an increased web presence for your company.

Hello world!

After starting my small business Equator Designs, I started to get hooked on the Online Marketing fad. I have completed my college education and am now trying to “find me way” in the this professional job market that seems to be unforgiving as hell! If you want to know more about what I have to say, follow me and stick around for years of comments, opinions and idea’s!