Is Social Media Networking effective?

Are Social Networking websites actually benefiting businesses and really making a difference in the marketing of your company? Hell Yeah it is!
Today there are over 150 million users on Facebook, over 191 users on MySpace and 12.5 million users on Linkedin! Out of those millions of Social Network users, over 50% became a fan or a follower of a company or a brand.

Is this kind of Social Network Marketing here to stay?
With over 100 social networking websites on the Internet today people are becoming internet junkies and starting to do everything from shop, research, report, purchase and support all tyes of businesses, events, groups & foundations. It is super impressive that with all the Social Media that is out there less than 25% of the users had something bad or negative to say about a brand or company. But that’s OK! We call this feedback, Isn’t this a business owners dream…Indirect feedback on your company service or product? It’s like those little comment cards that everybody asks you to fill out. “How was our service? Were you satisfied with our product? Would you shop with us again?”
Except, now it is on the World Wide Web for everybody to see.

Over 90% of the businesses that are on Social Networking sites say that Social Network Marketing is working for them and is a vital platform to the visibility of their business. Consequently, the same percentile says Social Network Marketing has positively increased the reputation and branding of their company.

So I ask you…. Is Social Network Marketing effective…? I say Yes!!


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