Social Demise

…A high-speed, get what you want, find what you need information orgy at the tip of your fingers…. and only you know where you have been. This is the fad of the Internet; any one person can buy a kitchen place mat from Russia to sex toys from Taiwan. It is also the demise of our global society, with rise of the social networking forum; this will completely annihilate social society. The inter twining soap opera, vast information about where you are, what you are doing and where you are going every minute of your life.

Phones with GPS systems communicating to the fastest information highway in the world. People feeling the need to continuously report their activities or “check in” has become absurd. You spend your adolescent life reporting to your parents so they know what you are doing when. Then as a teenager, you spend your whole life trying to separate yourself, become independent, and do what you want, sometimes with nobody knowing where or when. However, with Digital Social Networking (DSN) society has regressed back to the “checking in” fad, or the need to simply tell everybody on the Internet, where you are going and what you are doing…. Another platform that proves humans are a creature of habit.

The World Wide Web…the information highway, which made encyclopedias obsolete.
Online shopping is putting stores out of business, cell phones with built in GPS and Mapquest are making the old state & city maps a thing of the past. Online University and trade shows are giving civilians an opportunity to increase their knowledge from the comfort of their own home…. Social Networking is taking the communication out of society.


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