Change Management within an established culture

To incorporate an effective strategy we will need to put in place the following:
• Rules & Procedures
• Planning Process
• Hierarchical referral
• Direct Contact

By implementing the four items above, you will eliminate conflicts between management and functional departments. This encompasses the general systems theory that implies the creation of a management technique that is able to cut across many organizational disciplines including but not limited to finance, manufacturing, engineering and marketing.


When it was just Grass, Dirt, Leather & Lace

The early morning smell of the fresh cut grass, the feel of a freshly rolled infield beneath your cleats, the smell of your glove, the pop of the ball against your hand. This is what baseball was founded on. A good bat between your hands, the smell of pine tar, the feel of a hard hit ball off the sweet spot is what a real baseball player lives for. Digging in, tapping the plate, focusing on the pitch, watching the ball dance, drop, slide, cut, split & move all over the place. Hearing the sizzle of the seams cut through the air, watching the ball zip around…the feel of a solid hard hit ball off the sweet spot of the bat, the thrill of beating the pitcher…the pitcher who was….Digging in, tapping the rubber, focusing on the next pitch, making the ball dance, drop, slide, cut, split & move all over the zone….2-2, 3-2, Whiz, snap…”Strike Three!” the thrill of confusing the batter, making them guess, keeping them off balance & off first base. The feeling of beating the batter. Then there were lights…the thrill of playing baseball after the sun goes down, the challenge of picking up the ball under the lights, the damp dirt in your face as you slide into second, the thrill of watching a baseball disappear over the fence into the dark sky, never to be scene again…

Good Pitching will beat Good Hitting any given day. Both are challenging…both will succeed & fail multiple times in the game. A successful batter is only good 30% of the time.

“Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and be considered a good           performer.”

Ted Williams quotes (American Baseball Player, 1918-2002)

Social Media is an Icebreaker!

The affects that social media has on businesses is more than just networking on line, it also acts as an ice-breaker to conversations that people you otherwise would not be talking to. Take Twitter for example, a business woman on her way from California to New York has a delayed flight and is stuck in an airport in Denver. She tweet’s that her plane is delayed and that she is in the café having coffee until her plane arrives. One of her followers who is in Denver could respond to her tweet and meet her for a cup of coffee, or maybe the other persons plane is delayed as well and they are sitting behind her in the same café!

Social media can act as a foot in the door for B2B networking as well. For example, a business man uses social media to drive traffic to his website and through social media finds other interest groups, he then corresponds with another businesses man who share the same interest through social media, they start to find a common ground between each other and after communicating through social media, the two business men meet & start doing business with each other.

Now, remove social media from the playing field and what do you have? A person sitting in the café waiting for a late airline and a businessman working in his office.