Testimonial from BizTalk 1400 – Thanks Marisa!

It’s been my pleasure to meet and work with Tyler Spencer, Social Media Director for the Trading Post. He is extremely knowledgeable in the evolving social media field. For many of us the strategy behind social media can be daunting but Tyler makes the process easy and effective. His passion and enthusiasm is refreshing and he works hard to help you succeed. I would recommend Tyler to anyone who needs to expand their sphere of influence by using the power of the internet.

Marisa Shadrick Co-Host


Today the topic is ‘What is Social Media?’

Was a guest on the Radio show “Marketing your Business” with Jackie and Curtis at Free Fire Media, KCNR 1460. To listen in, click the link to listen:http://bit.ly/9A46hq

Proud to be an American is a thing of the past.

The media has been ordered not to wear flag lapel pins because our President has declared them offensive. American children don’t pledge the flag in schools because of the words ‘under God.’ The government says it’s offensive to pray, don’t pledge to your American flag or wear U.S. T-shirts on Cinco De Mayo in America!… What happened to the term “I’m PROUD to be an American!” ??????