Extreme Health Weekend

On October 1 & 2, 2011, Extreme Health Weekend will occur along the Lake Redding Park, Caldwell Park, Sacramento River Trail, Elks Club complex, Turtle Bay Exploration Park, Sundial Bridge, and Shasta and Keswick Dam areas in beautiful Redding, California.

People of all ages may participate in nutritional and physical fitness activities including walking, running, biking, dancing, work-shops and so much more. This will be one whole weekend were you can go to get educated on a variety of health and fitness activities from local gyms, personal trainers and current athletes.

The United Way of Northern California http://www.norcalunitedway.org is putting on this event in an effort to raise funds for the agency’s of Northern California United Way. This will be one weekend were you can participate in everything from running and weightlifting to biking. There will be clinics on various sports including lacrosse, baseball, disc golf and of course Zumba. So what are you waiting for!? Put down that hamburger, get off the couch and get active!

The Simple Getaway

The refreshing feel of the water covering my body, submerged in silence before I surface. As I wipe the wetness from my face and look around at my friends and the boat sitting in the cove we found. I start to smile, Yes, this happens every weekend over the summer. Hanging out with friends on the lake as the hot summer sun beats down on me all day long.

My Mom used spend months at a time on her houseboat literally live on the lake for 60-70 days. As a young man I remember my Mother always saying “If you come out to the houseboat, bring ice & beer” Apparently you go through a lot of ice when it is 100 degrees outside. Before she got a houseboat we would load up the ski boat and go camping for months at a time on Trinity Lake. Each day we would be on the lake sitting back with our sunglasses on soaking up the sun wake boarding, swimming, floating and laughing.

Reflecting back on those sweltering day’s on the lake, my Mother taught me to relax and enjoy the day. Like the Zack Brown song says, “…only worry in the world is if the tide is going to reach my chair…”

So here I sit in my low rider lounge chair with a cold one in my hand and my feet in the water watching the waves crash beneath me. I am relaxed & happy without a worry in the world or a care in site.

Lake Shasta