Baseball in Arizona

7 games in five days…that is what the Oregon Outlaws played when I traveled with them down to the MABL Arizona World Series. They won their division in 2009 and have been back each year since trying to get another ring. I have to admit, it’s more than just winning that Jostens ring…it is the experience and the thrill of playing baseball on the most beautiful ball fields on the west coast, It’s about playing ball in the Major League Baseball Spring Training Facilities with my teammates and friends from Portland, and it was a fantastic!
I think there are about seven Major League teams who spend spring training in Arizona and each have a stadium in the Phoenix area. (Scottsdale, Goodyear, Maryvale, Tempe) Each stadium is surrounded by 10 auxiliary ball fields, 8 bullpens, 4 batting cages and the hot summer sun. It was like being in a dream…a dream about a land far far away…a land full of baseball fields. We snagged the wild card spot in the playoffs, and got beat 3-2 in the first playoff game. The next day I jumped in the car with my girlfriend and drove the miserable 13 hour drive home to Northern California from Phoenix Arizona. It wasn’t all that bad….as soon as we were out of the Arizona desert heat!
While I was in Arizona I watched the Phoenix Coyotes, the National Hockey League team in Arizona. I have to admit it was a little weird seeing hockey played in the middle of the desert. When you are in the hockey stadium, it’s a little chilly, as soon as you leave the arena and go outside, a heatwave of 90 hits you smack in the face. You can tell many of the Phoenix residents root for the other teams, because when the Coyote’s get scored on the arena goes nuts! What ever happened to rooting for your home team? I guess Phoenix isn’t that crazy about their Coyotes, or they just attend their games to watch the other teams around the NHL. I guess that’s what they get for putting a hockey team in the middle of the land of baseball fields!


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