Power to Seniors

The Straight Ahead Big Band played for the Golden Umbrella’s “Power to Seniors” Celebrity Soup Kitchen fund raising event and had a blast! Each year the 18 piece big band donates our time to entertain and support the “Power to Seniors” program.
This is a spectacular event that happens each year to help raise funds for seniors who have a hard time paying their utility bills in the winter. I think it is sad that city agencies feel the need to charge high prices to seniors for their utilities. Isn’t their a senior discount for power bills? We are talking about senior citizens who have worked their whole life, are on a fixed income, are not working anymore, and probably have medical bills stacking up so they can keep their blood flowing regular and their stress levels at a minimum. These poor seniors get their power turned off because they simply cannot afford to pay the bills.
So I tip my hat to the Golden Umbrella, who does an outstanding job day in and day out helping those seniors in need. Serving the elder community so that they too can live a happy and fun filled life. Like my grandma says, “If your not happy, It’s not worth doing” I enjoy playing the big band charts from the 1930’s and 1940’s for those seniors at the Soup Kitchen because they light up every time they hear a song that strikes a happy memory from their time.
Their time back in World War II was tough….but music got them through it. My grand parents tell me story’s of how bad it was during the depression….I hear through the great vine that today’s times will become worse than it was in the 1940’s.
If it does get worse and I do get old, I hope their is a jazz band that will entertain me as I sit and eat warm soup on a cold winter day and that the community will pull together as it does now to help those less unfortunate.


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