What does Veterans Day mean to you?

I think it is safe to say that for everybody, it is a day to remember. Some remember those who gave their life, the good times they had with their father or grandpa who served in the armed forces. Remembering those who sacrificed their life for freedom. Giving praise to those who stood up for what is right, looked fear straight in the eye and marched forth because of what they believed in.

Veterans Day to some is a completely different memory. A birthday, anniversary, or an “I remember when…” story. When I listen to service men talk on Veterans Day, they don’t talk about the bullets whizzing by their head, or the hunger they felt in the middle of the night when they were on a mission. They don’t talk about death, or shooting, bombing or air strikes…they talk about the comrodery and the friendships. I listen to drinking stories, countries they visited, pranks that were played, the stuff they had seen. I hear good memories about times they remembered when they where fighting for freedom.

I think everybody can learn from our Veterans and the strength they have. Our Veterans are proof that this great country no matter how ugly the situation is, will always remember the times that made of escape from the harsh reality of intense situations.
Take time today and thank a Veteran, visit a Veterans Memorial, or donate to a Veterans charity fund. Ask a Veteran to tell you a story they remember when they were in the service and see what comes out of an ex-military personnel or war combat veteran. You might be surprised!

My Family Armed Service History
• Two Cousin’s – Currently Serving
• Uncle – WW II
• Both Grandpa’s – WW I
• Great Uncle WW I