The celebration of Christmas

The hussle & bustle that comes with Christmas is way over rated. Everybody spends all month “getting ready” and then on the 26th day – it’s over. Corporations do their end of year income sheets & find out how much money we spent at their stores in one month. Family’s travel back home, ornaments & lights are takin’ down, toys are played with – then forgot and a forest of pine tree’s ends up out by the garbage can in neighborhoods across the nation – and everybody goes back to “normal life.”


I think the celebration of “getting” has vastly overshadowed the celebration of “life” – which is really what Christmas is all about – the celebration of life. Starting a new life, bringing a new life into the world, and most of all our Savior Jesus Christ.

There is a lot of questions and debate as to when Jesus was actually born. Biblical scholars determine that it was late December or early January, however western civilization has adopted an ‘end of the year’ date more than the ‘start of a year’ date and thus we celebrate Christmas in late December.  It’s sad how the corporate empire of the retail stores in modern day civilization feeds off of this concept and take cruel & aggressive advantage of this time to push the last items on their inventory list to make room for the new years products, all the while promoting “Christmas Sales.”


This time of year should be a celebration of our Savior Jesus Christ and what he did for us sinners. Not a corporate cleanout of end of the year sales to increase profit margins during the final days of the year. Giving gifts came from Jesus Christ’s after birth baby shower, an event most people in modern civilization do before birth. Christmas, though festive, has takin’ a turn for the worse and the real reason for celebration is so far gone in most peoples mind that money hungry corporations will continue to profit of the ignorant thoughts of non-believers and weak-minded individuals.


Christmas is a time for celebration of life, gifts are given to mothers of new born children because of the celebration of life. When Christ was born of Mary in the winter-time, friends & family gathered around and they had a baby shower. Thirty-three years after he was born he died for your sins & mine. In today’s world we celebrate the life of Jesus Christ by giving gifts to each other on his birthday & call it CHRISTmas.


I challenge everybody to look deep inside your soul for the real meaning of Christmas & not buy a shit ton of gifts and feed into the evil ways of the corporate empire.

Instead, give a gift or two & celebrate life, in the name of Jesus Christ.