It’s time to update your bucket list and clean out your closet, let’s get ready for the new year! I get super excited each year around this time because to me, it is a fresh start on the year. New plans, new ideas, new baseball season, new concerts…but no matter what – it’s the same friends. I think each year helps me reflect on the friendships I have said goodbye to as well as the ones I have created, and those I have sustained.
With each goal that I set in 2012, and each milestone I reach to help me get to those goals, I know there is support from all of my friends and onlookers who encourage me to move forward.

This year is going to be one that is remembered! The prophecies say we won’t be standing around in a years time to even see 2020. The IRS says I won’t have any money by 2015 and if the current presidency keeps up their crazy stuff, we won’t have jobs either! But this year, 2012, will be the last year that the month, day & year line up numerically on the same day for almost 1,000-years! Ok only, 989…but still – non of you reading this post right now will be around to experience that again!
12/12/12 – the final-final….for a thousand years.

So make this year count! Cherish those friendships made, rekindle those relationships that are lost, agree to disagree and accept the fact that others have their opinion, too!

I like each new year because it is a time for reflection and planning….I hope you share this same enthusiasm!