Crazy Reality Witnessed

My good friend lives close to the Nevada border, and witnessed an accident on the freeway. 

The following is a real story told by Mr. Lawson who was there and witnessed the whole thing….

It’s 735am. I’m about 40 miles east of Reno headed east on I-80, long straight stretch I can see about 2 miles ahead a puff of dust off to the right of the freeway. As I get closer I see its a wreck. A truck had gone off the road and rolled. There’s shit strewn all over the sage brush. I stop, (take my keys, gun, an locked my doors) and run down the hill to the smoking like of what used to be a Toyota? Can’t tell… It’s bad. I’m looking through the windows expecting a dead body or three inside and I hear someone off to the left yell help me… There’s a guy laying in the dirt about 100 feet from the truck… I run over to him. 2 more cars stop, the guy is telling me to help him up. I say just lay down.. He says “I need a ride man… Give me a ride”

I yell to a lady to call 911 and she does. I ask if there was anyone else in the car. He says no… Can I get a ride man? I say sure… Stay right here and we will get you a ride. I …

head back to the truck to make sure there’s nobody stuck inside… This other guy comes running over to help me look for any bodies. I hear the lady start yelling at the guy to just sit down… Helps coming… I turn to look and see him walk up to a car that just stopped… An old man gets out. The guy grabs him and throws him to the ground!!! Jumps in his car and takes off!!! The lady starts screaming!!! I run back to my truck, jump in and give chase…

I call 911 and tell the dispatcher that there was this accident 80 east bound about mile marker 78 and that he car jacked this old couple and is headed east about 100+

The dispatcher is asking if I’m following and telling me to try and obey the speed limit but keep him in sight… I’m doin 90 and this mofo is flying! After 3 minutes I lose sight of him and the dispatcher tells me thank you and call back of I see him along the road or if he exits…

I’m passed by 3 NHP code 3’n it and about 15 minutes later, mile marker 170, there’s a flaming hunk of car in the median ditch…

Holy shit!!! Yes this really happened.



Physical Activity & Life Expectancy Quantified in Study

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Previous studies have shown the link between physical activity and a lower risk of premature mortality, however the number of years of life expectancy gained among persons with different activity levels has remained unclear. In this new study, scientists have quantified it.

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Autumn is about Change

As the weather becomes colder and leaves fall from the sky scattered beneath your feet as you walk down the damp path, I am reminded of change. Watching the trees change color and lose their leaves only to gain them back bigger & stronger the next year, it seems as though mother nature follows a pattern that I have become a very big fan of -the changing of the seasons.

Autumn seems to be about change ~ November 1959: The American Football League was formed . And in November of 1997 The Milwaukee Brewers became the first major league baseball team to switch leagues during the 20th century. They moved from the American League to the National League. Change is inevitable, it makes us grow as people and it makes us excited for the new sports, recreation activities, family gatherings & business opportunity just to name a few.

With the autumn leaves and the change in the season, try something new this year. Get excited for the change of the season and look forward to the new that it will bring in the following year.