Video Games Have Influence

Because of the vast increase of shootings, our rights as US citizens are being infringed upon. Is it the guns, the people, who should be responsible for the madness? Parents, the people who raised these children who have become insubordinate are to be held responsible. But only until the child is 18, then who does the responsibility fall upon? The young kids…who should understand that for every action there is a reaction.

The people of the United States for generations have been able to live peacefully, with respect for each other, the constitution, our elderly, and the country in which we live.
I talk to my grandparents and uncles who share the same stories with thousands of men across this nation about going hunting when they were younger, walking around in the middle of nowhere with a shotgun and pockets full of ammunition, with no cellphone or thought of shooting anything else except dinner. Now this type of activity is starting to be frowned upon so much that states are trying to enforce a registration & license for all guns and ammunition as well as put a cap on how much ammunition one person can purchase each month all because of irresponsible kids and bad parenting.

I think the advancement of video game technology with the first person shooting is a direct influence in the increase of shooting sprees at schools and in public areas. I don’t see grandpa or a working parent out there open firing on US citizens…probably because they know better. But these video games with the first person shooting gives young kids the ability to choose whatever weapon they want from their video game stockpile, then open fire on anybody walking down the street, regardless of the tasks set in place by the game.

In these video games, I watch young kids take guns and shoot innocent people on the streets and laugh because they think it’s funny, sometimes they will spend hours with a video game sniper gun looking through a full screen scope on their TV, shooting people in a court yard on the video game….does this sound familiar? Consequently, after a few years of doing this in these games everyday after school, it becomes second nature to them. This is why it is so easy for kids to take a gun to their school or university and reenact what they have been doing for so many years on their video game.

Amendment II: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. (period!)

Kids Who Don’t Need Nature

Spending time outside is a healthy way to live, step away from the world of instant communication for a second, un-plug and look around.