I am not a big fan of our so called Commander in Chief, who clearly lacks leadership skills in every sense of the phrase. This country has not progressed forward since he has been in office, and the policy’s & principles that he has instilled in society have made the US regress as a whole.

Personally, I think we should impeach him and make him give back the Nobel Peace Prize. Then make him apply for a Resident Alien card and immigration VISA.

After that, he must live in Alaska for five years and apply for and use the Obamacare health insurance under his own policy. While he’s in the remote mountains of Alaska, he must hunt & shoot his own food until he runs out of ammunition, Then he must stand in line for hours in order to purchase more.


August Smart Lock: Hope My Front Door Doesn’t Get Hacked

Digital Door Locks….

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Keys have evolved over the last few years, quite significantly. There are cars which no longer require keys at all, starting at the touch of a button when the key fob is nearby. These days, people like controlling all of their stuff via smartphones, and I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to control door locks with them. Or not.

The August Smart Lock is a system that allows anyone to enter your home, if they’ve been granted a virtual key.

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