Baseball Nut

Pac Champions 2015As a professional baseball coach with the San Rafael Pacifics I have been apart of 2 championships winning the 2014 and 2015 Pacific Association Championship.ZP

My playing career spanned from 1997-20013 on teams in California, Nevada and Oregon. Playing with the Oregon Outlaws for a gold medal in the 2003 Oregon State Games and later with the Nor Cal Pirates to win the 2009 Pacific West Baseball League Championship.

It’s more than just a game, it is a part of me. Baseball is life, it is a way of life the fans, the friendships you create on and off the field it’s all part of the greatest game that has ever been played. Baseball is America’s favorite pastime, for generations, in communities and families across America, the game brings everybody together. For me, it’s Spencer pitching cthe crack of the bat, the 2007_Swingsmell of the grass, the pop of the glove, the sound of the dirt beneath your feet. It’s the strategy of when to make a change, or put on a hit & run. It’s being apart of a team, believing in the same goal and being apart of a game that is more than a century old.

I have been around the game of baseball my whole life and love everything about the game. I am grateful for the times I get to be on the diamond. To pass on knowledge and educate young athletes about the game brings a great deal of satisfaction when improvement brings great success. I will continue to teach athletes to always compete with the motivation to win.