InstagramCapture_a87989c6-4aab-41e0-bfbf-6cf4e9ee520dAs a professional saxophonist with over 27 years of playing experience, I have traveled the world playing at different venues and festivals a broad. It has been an cropped-spencer_solo-sabb1.jpgexperience of a lifetime. I have worked on studio projects, and have been in stage & show bands, blues & rock bands, jazz trios, quartets and one 18-piece jazz band. I attended the University of Nevada, Reno to study music education, while I was there I got the opportunity to play in the 150 piece wolf pack marching band. In my experience as a musician I have and been apart of concerts all over the the west coast and throughout the world in places like Switzerland, Germany & Canada. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to share this craft with thousands of people. cropped-ty_playingsax2.jpgI play the saxophone because I love music and enjoy the thrill of performing live. When people listen to music that you have practiced and worked hard to learn, it is amazingly gratifying to hear their praise. I know I am not the best and I am always working to improve my craft.Silver & Blue Magazine Nov 1998


I have performed in the following jazz festivals:

Record Searchlight Newspaper; Oct. 1996

It’s amazing how much you learn playing with professional song writers and studio musicians. Playing at home grown BBQ with friends, sitting in the studio doing work on an album, or performing on stage in front of thousands of people.
I play from the bottom of my soul, through the bones in my body.