Masters Ski Racer

As a


Professional Ski Instructor I found joy in teaching people of all ages how to ski. As a certified USSA Coach, I taught high school ski racing and helped a few young athletes find success at state championships.

Skiing is such a thrill, screaming down the mountain at highspeeds, with the wind blasting by you & whistling in your ears. Then you get to Tyler Spencerthe powder, deep and fluffy like a down pillow, you carve through it like a hot knife through butter leaving the perfect tracks on an untouched mountain is absolutely epic.

ski tuck

It’s the thrill of rippin’ it down the slopes on steep terrain, doing jump turns down a narrow chute, pushing yourself to the maximum limit of your skill level. Slicing the snow with deep carved turns and hanging on as the speed picks up…I am a ski bum at heart, and will always be! I have been skiing for over 36 years, I  compete in  Masters Far West Ski Racing with the Rusty WP_20160320_15_24_22_ProBindings Ski Club.

  • Far West North Masters (S3)Giant Slalom Gold Medal -2016
  • Far West North Masters Slalom (S3) Silver Medal -2016
  • Professional Ski Instructor Association Cert I, II -2003