Successful Project Management

The two most important components are the Scope Definition and the Work Breakdown Structure, or WBS, for controlling and managing a successful project. These two components will be used throughout your entire project to ensure that all your work gets completed. They will act as control mechanisms throughout the project to ensure the success of the project.

Every project starts with a Scope Statement. The Scope Definition then elaborates this Scope Statement on. The Scope Definition divides the Scope Statement into major deliverables. These major deliverables are then broken down into the WBS. The WBS is a complete checklist of all the work that must be done so the project can be completed successfully. High-level categories of work are broken down into activities or tasks. Activities or tasks are then further broken down so you can assign a reasonable level of work effort to each activity or task. Many project management professionals use the 80-hour rule.

You can then apply resources, dates, and cost and assign an estimate to your activities or tasks once you have created the WBS. Some of the more common estimating techniques are Analogous (Top Down), Delphi (Bottom Up), and Program Evaluation and Review Technique (P.E.R.T.). Project management models utilize these estimating techniques to improve the accuracy of initial work effort estimates to shrink the variance gap between baselines and actual schedule and cost.

A Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) has various names, but all with the same purpose: to clarify and link resources to the Scope Definition and WBS. It is important to determine the level of involvement and responsibility of that work by each resource as roles and responsibilities are assigned to various work assignments on the project. For example, both the Project Sponsor and the Project Manager are responsible for the projects success, but at different levels. These levels may be defined by who actually does the work, who has input, who is informed, and who approves or signs off on that work.

In plain English; Each individual must sign off and take responsibility for their part in the project. Each project sector must start when scheduled, finish on time and stay within budget.

Testimonial from BizTalk 1400 – Thanks Marisa!

It’s been my pleasure to meet and work with Tyler Spencer, Social Media Director for the Trading Post. He is extremely knowledgeable in the evolving social media field. For many of us the strategy behind social media can be daunting but Tyler makes the process easy and effective. His passion and enthusiasm is refreshing and he works hard to help you succeed. I would recommend Tyler to anyone who needs to expand their sphere of influence by using the power of the internet.

Marisa Shadrick Co-Host

Social Media is an Icebreaker!

The affects that social media has on businesses is more than just networking on line, it also acts as an ice-breaker to conversations that people you otherwise would not be talking to. Take Twitter for example, a business woman on her way from California to New York has a delayed flight and is stuck in an airport in Denver. She tweet’s that her plane is delayed and that she is in the café having coffee until her plane arrives. One of her followers who is in Denver could respond to her tweet and meet her for a cup of coffee, or maybe the other persons plane is delayed as well and they are sitting behind her in the same café!

Social media can act as a foot in the door for B2B networking as well. For example, a business man uses social media to drive traffic to his website and through social media finds other interest groups, he then corresponds with another businesses man who share the same interest through social media, they start to find a common ground between each other and after communicating through social media, the two business men meet & start doing business with each other.

Now, remove social media from the playing field and what do you have? A person sitting in the café waiting for a late airline and a businessman working in his office.

Use Social Media Marketing to create awareness and brand your business online!

Social Media Optimization helps you streamline the online marketing of your business.
You competitors are taking advantage of this new marketing tool to grow their business and your customers are using it to stay in contact with friends and family while shopping, researching and just “killing time”until the next Video is downloaded to their hard drive.

By implementing a Social Media Strategy and creating leverage with your brand on the web will create followers. Followers are important to your business because these are the people who support what you door what you sell. These followers can give you feedback about your product/service as well as spread the word about what you are doing or how much theyenjoy your product!

Incorporating Social Media Marketing to your businesses marketing strategy will increase the awareness of your business to the community and will get people to recognize or otherwise become interested in your line of work.

Is Social Media Networking effective?

Are Social Networking websites actually benefiting businesses and really making a difference in the marketing of your company? Hell Yeah it is!
Today there are over 150 million users on Facebook, over 191 users on MySpace and 12.5 million users on Linkedin! Out of those millions of Social Network users, over 50% became a fan or a follower of a company or a brand.

Is this kind of Social Network Marketing here to stay?
With over 100 social networking websites on the Internet today people are becoming internet junkies and starting to do everything from shop, research, report, purchase and support all tyes of businesses, events, groups & foundations. It is super impressive that with all the Social Media that is out there less than 25% of the users had something bad or negative to say about a brand or company. But that’s OK! We call this feedback, Isn’t this a business owners dream…Indirect feedback on your company service or product? It’s like those little comment cards that everybody asks you to fill out. “How was our service? Were you satisfied with our product? Would you shop with us again?”
Except, now it is on the World Wide Web for everybody to see.

Over 90% of the businesses that are on Social Networking sites say that Social Network Marketing is working for them and is a vital platform to the visibility of their business. Consequently, the same percentile says Social Network Marketing has positively increased the reputation and branding of their company.

So I ask you…. Is Social Network Marketing effective…? I say Yes!!