Raining Oil

BP officially screwed up our climate! Think about the Natural Climactic cycle of rain: After it rains the heat evaporates the moisture from the surface of the water, that moisture goes back up into the sky. Clouds form, temperatures change and it rains again…this cycle repeats and is how Mother Nature cleanses herself…this is grade school information!

What we have now is oil on the surface of the water, which evaporates into the sky with the moisture, this greasy moisture is then held within the clouds, temperatures change …then it rains. The oily, greasy, gooey water will fall from the sky and at that point people will know what it feels like to be covered in oil; much like the animals in the gulf.

It will rain oil; oil will fall from the sky, it may happen in 10 years, I ‘m not sure on the timing. However, the clouds will become brown & murky. The snow cap mountains won’t be white anymore, they will have a brown oily finish to them…and when the snow melts and runs off into our lakes, rivers & streams…the water will be murky and toxic…over time killing most of the natural habitat as the oil seeps into the soil.

It may take a few years, it may take a few months, but when it rains in the future, it will rain oil. Mother nature has no way of separating the oil from the water before it rains BP’s oil operation has destroyed our natural habitat!