Twitter is Terrific!

Facebook is blowing up everyday with new businesses, like pages, embedded platform codes and more…Simply put, Facebook is good for business. But what about the other popular social network platform that is steadily rising in popularity? What about Twitter? I have had many people who are getting into online marketing ask me “So what does Twitter do for businesses?”
So here are a few ideas of how Twitter can be incorporated into your business.

Twitter is a communication platform that helps businesses stay connected to their customers. As a business, you can use it to quickly share information with people interested in your company, gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with customers, partners and other people who care about your company. As an individual user, you can use Twitter to tell a company (or anyone else) that you’ve had a great—or disappointing—experience with their business, offer product ideas, and learn about great offers.


Social Media is good for SEO…

…it is all over the Internet, TV & Radio – it’s the biggest movement in civilization since the industrial revolution; millions of people use it daily! Do you think it can help your business? When you add social media to your existing marketing strategy you are taking advantage of both Internal SEO and External SEO. Implementing an online marketing strategy to push your business on the Internet has become an added element to marketing and if you take advantage of how it works, it will give your business an edge over the competition.

Social Media is not going away anytime soon – there are two generations in our society who have grown up with it on their cell phones, which have Internet, TV & Radio! People search in their cell phones or on the computer to find your business now, so the stronger online presence you carry, the better success rate your business will have of being found. This is where Internal SEO and External SEO work together to get your business discovered.

When your website is built, the programmer imbeds alphanumeric characters in the backend of your website that describe your business, it’s location, the industry, etc. This is called Search Engine Optimization, which includes, Meta Tags and keyword descriptions. These words are used by search engines like Yahoo, Google, Dog pile and Bing to find what people are looking for. If you have good SEO, people will find your business. This is your Internal SEO because it is imbedded in your businesses website.

Social Media throws an added bonus to the discovery of your company through search engines. When you develop a social media profile, you fill out a description of your business, the name, location and contact info, etc. This is called External SEO or Social Media Optimization, because it includes a lot of the same information the programmer imbedded in your website. So when people search for a product or service you offer, the search engine goes out and retrieves not just your business website, but the social media profiles as well.

In short, if you have an aggressive online marketing strategy that includes social media, you will be miles in front of the competition. So by implementing Internal SEO and External SEO to your online marketing strategy, you will increase the online presence of your business which will ultimately drive traffic to your website or social media platform which both will contain information about your company and how to contact you.

Social Media is an Icebreaker!

The affects that social media has on businesses is more than just networking on line, it also acts as an ice-breaker to conversations that people you otherwise would not be talking to. Take Twitter for example, a business woman on her way from California to New York has a delayed flight and is stuck in an airport in Denver. She tweet’s that her plane is delayed and that she is in the café having coffee until her plane arrives. One of her followers who is in Denver could respond to her tweet and meet her for a cup of coffee, or maybe the other persons plane is delayed as well and they are sitting behind her in the same café!

Social media can act as a foot in the door for B2B networking as well. For example, a business man uses social media to drive traffic to his website and through social media finds other interest groups, he then corresponds with another businesses man who share the same interest through social media, they start to find a common ground between each other and after communicating through social media, the two business men meet & start doing business with each other.

Now, remove social media from the playing field and what do you have? A person sitting in the café waiting for a late airline and a businessman working in his office.

Online Marketing

Boost your sales with online marketing. We all know that knowledge is power, and that the more power a person has the more influential they become. So why not use that mindset to your advantage? The more a customer knows about your business, the more they will trust your company/ product…this creates a following – the more people who follow your business/ product, the more leverage you have over your competition. The new fad is interaction, consumers don’t want to be told what is right and what they should do, they want to make the decision themselves and take action on their own – they like to do their own research, and interact with the company before they purchase the service/ product.

So utilize the innovative online software to post blogs, send newsletters, and show webcast and podcasts. This can increase your sales and ultimately grow your business. Use social networking sites to drive traffic to your website. Optimize your beta-tags and meta-tags within your website every quarter to better position your business on the web. Create strategies & tools that will engage your customer and use cutting edge technology to interact with the public.

Connecting through technology.

Advanced technology is expanding the speed of marketing by the second. Online social networks make it easier for businesses large and small to reach thousands of people while keeping marketing cost down. The common practice of the consumer felling like they are apart of something bigger is ultimately what drives marketing on the social network platforms. This new practice that is evolving everyday is vital to increasing brand loyalty within the consumers mind. Social Media Marketing through social network platforms has the ability to increases the positive attributes and feelings a company evokes in peoples minds. However, with the globalization of these new marketing tactics, it also makes the market ten times more competitive. If not used correctly, these social network platforms have the ability to hurt a new business as well.
These platforms assist business executives with feedback so they can continuously meet, adapt, change and exceed customer expectations. This new technology that has taken over the Internet in a global trend can help businesses to develop a more aggressive marketing strategy.