Best of the West Ribb Cook Off!

Last weekend I got a chance to visit Reno, Nevada were they have the Best of the West Ribb Cook Out! I stuffed my face with championship ribbs all day! THey had some of the best, most tender pork ribbs you could ever imagine! And the sauces & seasonings…oh man, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it!
While I was at the ribb cook off, I walked around & meet a few art vendors that have some incredible art! I met Lawrene with the “The Glass Connection” and she has some incredible stained glass pieces that would light up any room with color on a sunny day! We also ran into Hue from “Metal Souls” who makes figures out of nuts, bolts, screws and metal piping – very interesting. Their were a few metal fabricators who made outdoor sculptures for your yard, as well.

After I stuffed my face with ribbs, I headed downtown to see a Baseball game with the Reno Aces, AAA affiliate for the Diamondbacks. I saw Brett Butler and was able to get his attention long enough to get his autograph on a baseball. I remember watching him at Candlestick when I was younger and it was such a treat to shake the hand of a future Hall of Fame Baseball player.

Best of the West Rib Cook Off in Reno, Nevada